Do. Not. Quit.

Has anyone tried to get you to quit? When I was in college, I wanted to graduate as quickly as possible. I had taken college courses in high school. I did not join a sorority or athletic team. And I took more than the required number of credit hours each semester. Why did I do … Continue reading Do. Not. Quit.


Lay Down the Crown

Oops! That last post had a faulty link. Try this one! 🙂 I am so honored and excited to be a contributor for Kaylene Yoder today! She is a successful blogger and author with a passion for Christ easily seen in her writing. Check out my post titled "Lay Down the Crown" at: I … Continue reading Lay Down the Crown

Notebooks Filled with Truth

Last week on the blog, I posted Moving Beyond the Bible Checklist. Thank you for the comments, likes, and shares on that piece! What a blessing to see those responses! I wanted to talk about one of the approaches discussed in that post. I mentioned using small spiral notebooks to categorize certain scriptures. These notebooks have really helped me mature in my Bible literacy and application. I would like to show you what they look like and explain how I create and use them. Maybe, then, we can be using these notebooks filled with truth together, on our journey of striving to be godly women.