Stop Sewing

Here I am, a woman with no desire to sew, trying to do just that with the very curtain God ripped for me. Why do I do this? Why do you?


Tuesday Tasks

What if we began our day with intentionality?  Goals? What if we purposely sought out godly tasks to complete in the midst of daily living? What if these tasks were designed to honor God and shine His light to the world?

Are You Whining? : Part 2

As I navigate the toddler years with a daughter who is testing me with her whining tendencies, I can't help but look at my own whining habits. Last week's post introduced my discovery that I can whine. I am now understanding that identifying the consequences of whining is key to stopping it! You can read about that HERE.  This … Continue reading Are You Whining? : Part 2

The Crisis I Can No Longer Ignore

Guilt washed over me. Up to this point, I was easily persuaded to turn a blind eye to the Syrian crisis overseas. It was not a civil war that concerned me. It did not impact my quality of life or that of my family. I made the choice to not educate myself on what was occurring. When I saw it on the news, I changed the channel. Out of sight, out of mind. I made an easy and convenient choice to not seek God’s will for me in this situation because it seemed there was nothing I could possibly do. God didn't need, or could use, this overtired mom from Kentucky to do anything for those in Syria.