Are You Whining? : Part 2

As I navigate the toddler years with a daughter who is testing me with her whining tendencies, I can't help but look at my own whining habits. Last week's post introduced my discovery that I can whine. I am now understanding that identifying the consequences of whining is key to stopping it! You can read about that HERE.  This … Continue reading Are You Whining? : Part 2

The Crisis I Can No Longer Ignore

Guilt washed over me. Up to this point, I was easily persuaded to turn a blind eye to the Syrian crisis overseas. It was not a civil war that concerned me. It did not impact my quality of life or that of my family. I made the choice to not educate myself on what was occurring. When I saw it on the news, I changed the channel. Out of sight, out of mind. I made an easy and convenient choice to not seek God’s will for me in this situation because it seemed there was nothing I could possibly do. God didn't need, or could use, this overtired mom from Kentucky to do anything for those in Syria.

A Powerful Strategy against Parenting Fears 

I was a mom who struggled, worried, and fretted. Recent events in our community and the nightly news made me paranoid about the safety of my daughter. I wanted her placed in a bubble of protection that included her staying in our home as much as possible. In the midst of this paranoia, I had an alarm system installed in our home, a few anxiety attacks at the thought of something happening to my girl, and constant thoughts played out in my head… What if…?