He is God. I am not.

There are times I would do well to remember that the reason I do not know everything is because He is God, and I am not.

But there are moments I want answers to my whys. Badly.

Why did they say that?
Why did she get cancer?
Why did he make that choice?

Why? Why? Why?

And telling me “We live in a fallen world,” isn’t good enough. I. Want. Answers.

Yet, instead of wanting an answer to questions we have, and God staying silent on them, perhaps He is taking the burden of being all-knowing off of us and shouldering it instead.

To be all-knowing would mean we had insight to the most sinful and worst thoughts of humanity.

It would mean that with such knowledge we would be obligated to serve and save and suffer all we could for the benefit of others because we would know what was best and they would not.

Could you imagine how tiring and difficult all-knowing would be? The responsibility and work that would come with that? But, Jesus knew.

I think we should be grateful that His silence is our saving.

Reminding myself of this tonight. ❤️

He is God. I am not. Thank goodness.

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