Keeping a Clear Mind

A clear mind is one free from biases, open to listening, willing to change for the better, and assess situations based on truths— not emotions.

And while we might say clear minds are what God wants us to have, when we are in the midst of situations that are effecting our beliefs and emotions— clear minds can be hard to find!

Satan knows we struggle with keeping our minds clear, and he leverages this weakness as often as he can.

Adam and Eve are prime examples of falling victim to Satan polluting clear minds. He manipulated their thinking— making their brains so crowded with emotions and untruths, that they made poor decisions (Genesis).

And while Satan tries to exploit us, God is continually reminding us to not fall prey to the enemies schemes. 2 Timothy 4:5a says, “But you should keep a clear mind in every situation.”

Do you struggle with keeping your mind clear in situations? I have. Try these tips straight from the Word to help you, as they have helped me!

1. Tell others about Jesus. (2 Timothy 4:5) When we focus on our ministries and telling others the Gospel, God keeps us grounded and fixated on Him! If we are too busy proclaiming the Good News, our minds cannot become crowded with all the ungodly thoughts and actions Satan wants us to have!

2. Surround yourself with other godly people, that see the value in keeping their minds clear, too. (2 Timothy 4:9-11) I would encourage you to be careful of who is in your inner circle. Those friends need to be of clear minds, as well and willing to help you reflect on your own and make changes as needed.

3. Let God do the judging, not you. (2 Timothy 4:14) One of the first things that can muddy our minds is the need for retribution or revenge when we have been wronged. Such wants can quickly lead to poor decisions that are not what the Lord wants, but what Satan encourages instead. God is far more worthy of judging than we could ever be. Let Him take that burden!

Three ways to keep your mind clear!

My prayer for us all this week is that we have and maintain clear minds that glorify God!

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