Welcome Back

Hi, friends!

Goodness, it sure has been awhile since we have connected! I missed you!

In my absence, I started a new job, became the leader of our children’s ministry at church, and navigating a pandemic with the rest of you. But God keeps calling my heart back to writing and to the fellowship I experience with you through words, so here I am Lord (Isaiah 6:8).

Although I have taken a break from the blog (but I am back now), I was still frequently posting on my Facebook site: Striving to be a Godly Woman with Keri Mosier. Check it out, if you don’t already follow.

For my first post, in quite a while, the only message I want to bring to you is this: Can I pray for you today? Leave a comment or like the post, and that will signal me to pray for you. It’s a perfect way for to jump back in to striving with you.

It’s good to be back.



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