You Know Who Was No Stranger to Social Distancing? Jesus.

You know who is no stranger to social distancing?


The Son of God knew there were times when it was best to:

•Withdraw privately to a solitary place (Matthew 14:13)
•Come to a quiet place and rest (Mark 6:31)
•Go to a mountainside (Luke 6:12)
•Withdraw to lonely places (Luke 5:16)
•Withdraw a stone’s throw away (Luke 22:41)
•Hide Himself (John 8:59)

Jesus used those times of social distancing to grieve, pray, rest, stay safe and more!

I know right now can seem lonely, maybe even uncomfortable, and certainly different than life usually is— but rest assured in the life Jesus lead 2,000 years ago.

Christ knew there were times when isolation was a must, and capitalized on those moments to draw nearer to God and further His ministry. Perhaps those times were recorded for such a time as this…for us to remember when our own Savior practiced social distancing as well.

Strive with me to do the same!

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