When Saving Becomes Selfish

My husband and I have been discussing how we want to serve with our finances to various organizations and people in our life. Saving and cutting back on unnecessary spending will allow us to give more. We want others to feel the blessing of receiving an investment given in the name of the Lord. An investment that would glorify Him!

To do this, it’s important to not confuse saving with selfishness.

I’ve recently discussed how I want to help women and families save. You can read that post HERE.

Saving is great!

We save to pay debt (Romans 13:8, Proverbs 22:7).

We save to enjoy life (Ecclesiastes 5:19). And rest assured, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the blessings that hard work, earned money, and the Lord can bring!

But we also save to give (Acts 20:35). If we are saving but using those savings only to benefit us, we are missing a crucial calling from God.

I know what it’s like to save, only to take those savings and spend them selfishly. I have bought things for me to enjoy and forgot the open hands of a world in need. A designer purse meant more to me, than a missionary needing funds to spread the gospel. I replaced saving with selfishness. And that does not honor God.

Saving and selfishness

And I also know what it’s like for someone to give to me. A sister in Christ once insisted on funding a trip that allowed me to attend a conference. She knew I wouldn’t go if I had to pay for it personally. The event helped me grow as a writer and spiritually flourish. I was blessed beyond what words can express. All because she gave.

So, friends, be prepared for me to not just share ways to save, but ways to give. And though we can give with our time and talents, I truly believe it is also God’s calling for all of us to give when it comes to our money.

Below are four way to use our money with a servant’s heart.

1.Giving money (not just time and talents) to our church is important. Discussion on how much to tithe, why we should tithe, and more has been debated by many. I have done some research, and found this article by Christian financial adviser Dave Ramsey to be insightful. It provides scripture and answers to common questions on this topic. Check it out HERE.

2.  Have you ever been in a drive-thru and got to the window to pay, only for the employee to tell you the customer in front of you paid for your meal? It is such a blessing when this small act of kindness is given. I would encourage you to buy a meal for another. The giving of food has been a gesture of love, hospitality, and kindness since biblical times! (Genesis 42:25, Matthew 25:35, John 6:5)

3. Look around. I guarantee God has placed individuals around us that could be blessed in their ministry by our financial giving. Teachers need school supplies. Nurses need coffee. Missionaries need gas.  All of these people are following a calling, and perhaps God has crossed our paths for a reason. That reason being for us to give to their cause, so they can broaden the kingdom of heaven with their talents!

4. My daughter and I make care package bags for the homeless. There are instances where giving out cash might be problematic, but using our money to buy goods for others is another option. She and I stuff gallon bags full of toiletries, bottled water, non-perishables, and a Bible. When we see others in need on the streets, I hand them one of the bags. I love this way of financial giving because it allows my daughter and I to do this together, while blessing others.

What are ways can you think of to give financially to others, so God is glorified? I would love to hear your ideas!

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