Managing Mondays

Managing Mondays


It’s a word dreaded and spoken with distaste.As Sunday night draws to an end, many can scroll through their social media accounts and see countless posts about the despair of the next day. Memes with quotes like, “Happy Monday! Now that’s an oxymoron! ” and “Not sure if it’s the end of the world or another Monday.”

Turn on the radio and there are even songs about the displeasures of Monday. Look at these famous lyrics by the Bangles:

It’s just another manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday

‘Cause that’s my fun day

My I don’t have to run day

It’s just another manic Monday

Or perhaps your Mondays are not even manic, but boring and slow, adding to the list of why you “wish it was Sunday.” You miss the productiveness of the weekend, and feel discontentment with Monday’s plans.

For many, Mondays mean the beginning of a work week, at a job that is less than appealing. For others, even at a job they love, transitioning from relaxing over the weekend, to the business of a career, can be just plain difficult.

And then there is the issue of sleep. Naps and late wake-ups on the weekend are fine, but we often don’t have those luxuries during the week. Being late to work can result in getting behind, docked pay,  and an irritable boss. So up early and on-time is a must.

Not to mention, to those of you with young kids in the house, getting a child ready for daycare/school is no easy task; a task we get a break from on the weekends. But when Monday rolls around, lunches have to be packed, teeth brushed, clean clothes wore, and an early breakfast cooked.

So now that I have listed out plenty of reasons to disfavor Monday, what if we tried to see this day through the lens of a woman striving to be godly? How can we fight the urge to dread Monday and instead take delight in it?

That’s what I hope the creation of the Facebook group Managing Mondays will help us accomplish. If we can see the beauty of a Monday designed and gifted by God, perhaps this day could be resented less and enjoyed more.

Waking up Monday morning, with no plan or mindset prepared to see the day as God wants us to, does us no good. Instead, by tuning our hearts to His on Sunday night, we allow the Holy Spirit, scripture, and sisters in Christ the opportunity to better encourage us to face Monday with a smile instead of a snub. That’s why, on Sunday evenings, a new and short devotion will be found in the newsfeed of this group. The devotion will be for the sole purpose of getting us ready to face Monday, with God.

Feel free to engage and interact with the posts.  No negativity, rudeness, or judgement in the group will be allowed; but prayer, encouragement, and godly motives will always be welcomed!

Let’s strive together, to see Mondays in a new way. God’s way.  


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