It’s Here!

5 Days. No Bread. More Jesus. (1)

It’s here! I cannot believe it! 

Today is the official book launch for 5 Days. No Bread. More Jesus.

This study first began as an online event I hosted at the Strive With Me page on Facebook. Months later, it evolved to a five-day study now available on Amazon! If you haven’t heard of the study, read this description:

Are you a woman wanting to draw near to God, participate in a Bible study, and engage in His Word? Yet, you just can’t seem to find the time or know where to start? Are you interested in fasting but need some guidance? If you are nodding your head, this study is for you! Only five days long, you will find these pages easy to engage in. With space included to write and take notes, you can keep everything in one place. Easily throw this book in a diaper bag, purse, or backpack because a busy woman finds she has only a few minutes in the most unexpected places, and this study is great for those moments. Studying John 6:35 and other verses, Keri will help you see God has provided us with the ultimate Bread of Life! Strive with Keri for five days of no bread and more Jesus.

It is my prayer this study lead women closer to God, as we look at bread in a whole new light.

You can purchase the book HERE, with free 2-day shipping for Prime members! Reviews of the study are welcomed on Amazon and the ministry website. Reviews draw interest from other readers, and hopefully encourage them to give the material a try!

On Facebook, I have created a book launch event. By joining the event, you are automatically entered to win a copy of the study! I will also be going live and accepting any questions readers have about 5 Days. No Bread. More Jesus. There will be other surprises in the event, tooYou can join that event by clicking HERE.

To those of you that continue to strive with me on this journey of writing, I cannot thank you enough. God has blessed me with your support, prayers, and encouragement.

Let’s keep striving, together. 

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