Spring Cleaning Our Heart and Home

Spring Cleaning (1)

Spring Cleaning: The act of ridding one’s home of uncleanliness.

I will just be honest, friends, anything with the word cleaning in it makes me cringe. The word conjures images of my mountain of laundry, dirty toilets, and overflowing sink. Dusting makes me sneeze. Mopping hurts my back. And heaven only knows what is hiding in the cushions of my couch. Seriously. Cleaning is not something I enjoy. So when I first felt the Holy Spirit leading me to create this Spring Cleaning Event, I was hesitant.

But between chasing my toddler, running errands, and cooking dinner- cleaning is something I must eventually do. It’s something we all have to do. A clean home promotes productivity, lessens the odds of getting sick, and makes one feel more comfortable and at peace in the space where they live. We want our house to be a home, and cleaning plays a part in making that happen.

The same could be said of our hearts. If our hearts are not clean, we are prone to be less productive, unhealthy, and lacking peace. Our homes will feel less than welcoming if our hearts are grimy.  

Like our earthly homes, our hearts might need some cleaning after a long winter. Perhaps a pile of unforgiveness should be swept up. Tears mopped. Revenge thrown out. Fear scrubbed off. And anger polished away.

We need to dust off mercy. Get the stains out of grace. And donate the extra piles of love we have lying around.

And though cleaning might not always be pleasant, it is needed. Plus, don’t you always feel good (and maybe tired) when you step back from cleaning and see what you accomplished?

That’s how I want us to feel at the end of this online event. Accomplished. Restored. Clean.

This event will last seven days and begin April 9th. I am so ready to see what God has in store! Each day will consist of a devotion relating to the importance of a clean heart and God’s view on the matter. We will look at cleaning (and cleansing) throughout the Bible.

The devotion will then be followed by two challenges! The first challenge will be called a heart challenge, where we will be asked to complete an action that will help us spring clean our heart. The second will be called a home challenge, where we will tackle one small cleaning job we often don’t get to in our homes!  All of this will be posted early each morning to read, meditate on, and encourage one another.

Will you roll up your sleeves with me and strive to spring clean our homes and hearts?

You can join the challenge on social media by visiting Facebook.com/KeriMosier

Or follow along on Instagram at Keri_Mosier

A Prayer on Cleaning: Lord, thank you for your willingness to create in me a clean heart (Psalm 51:10). Help give me discernment and energy to clean my heart and home. You view cleanliness as important, and what is important to you should be important to me. May this online event draw me near to You, and cleanse me with the guidance of Your Word. Amen

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