5 Days. No Bread. More Jesus.

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Hello, friend!

Thanks for taking the time to read this; I hoped you would! It is no coincidence you have made it to this open letter, and I want you to realize that. I have prayed for God to lead women to these words and online event, and here you are.

If you already follow my blog and social media sites, introductions are not needed, and I thank you for your support and comments as we strive together. If you are new to this women’s ministry called Striving to Be a Godly Woman, I want to welcome you! You can read more about me and the purpose of what I do on the homepage of my website at KeriMosier.com.

But, enough about me. Let me explain the newest 5-day prayer challenge! We will be taking 5 days to fast from… bread.

Yep. I know. I gasped at the idea, too. When reading John 6, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to create a prayer challenge over fasting from bread, and I knew how difficult this would be for me. I love cinnamon rolls, donuts, peanut butter sandwiches, pizza, and more. In fact, I have recently seen that I need to eat less breads for multiple reasons. Mainly, I need to be reminded my God is more satisfying than any dinner roll ever will be.

With many of us creating resolutions for the new year, like myself, you might be striving to be healthier physically and spiritually. If so, this event is for you!

Why Fast?

There are many reasons, all biblical truths, as to why we should fast. This article does a nice job of explaining a few of those reasons: http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/fasting-for-beginners.

Essentially, “Christian fasting turns its attention to Jesus or some great cause of his in the world. Christian fasting seeks to take the pains of hunger and transpose them into the key of some eternal anthem, whether it’s fighting against some sin, or pleading for someone’s salvation, or for the cause of the unborn, or longing for a greater taste of Jesus.”

How Will This Work?

An online event is created where women can be invited and join the challenge. When the challenge begins on January 1st, each morning a short devotion will be posted within the event. This devotion will discuss the topic at hand and focus on encouraging women to pray and read God’s Word in place of eating bread. What we will be praying about will be left to each individual participating. I ask that you choose one prayer request to focus on for the next 5 days. We will be praying heavily during this fast over an issue God has laid on our heart. What will you pray about for 5 days? A sin you struggle with? A relationship that needs mending? The health of a friend? I highly recommend you ask God for guidance on this. Here’s a prayer you can pray while contemplating what it is you will intentionally pray for during this challenge.

God, I come before you asking for guidance. I want to seek You with humbleness for 5 days, as I lay down a specific request at Your feet. There are many needs in this world, God. What would You have me pray about? No matter if it is a personal or public issue, I want to be obedient to You on what I need to focus on in my prayer life. What priority would You have me bow before You with? I ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen

What Do We Hope to Accomplish?

The goals of this challenge are to:

  1. Draw Closer to God (James 4:8)

By replacing something we crave (bread) with God, we naturally become closer to Him. This is the beauty of fasting. Each time we want bread or would have ate it at a meal, we will instead pray and seek truth from the Bible! When our resolve becomes weak, and we feel ourselves wanting to give in and reach for that roll, going to God for strength in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9) is what we will have to do to be successful!

  1. Encourage other Women (Hebrews 10:24-25)

The prayer topic you have chosen to devote yourself to is between you and God. You are never under any obligation to share it with others. However, we do have an obligation to pray and encourage our sisters in Christ. Please, feel free to let others in the group know they are not alone in this challenge. I will be posting questions and prompts to help facilitate this kind of Christian community as the week progresses. Prayers for each other are needed and welcomed! Invite others to the event. The more women praying, the better!

  1. Discover Jesus is the Bread of Life (John 6:35 )

We will be looking at John 6 throughout this event. The devotions and graphics posted will reference verses on the best Bread we could crave, and that is Jesus. Jesus is the Bread of Life. How cool is that! I can’t wait to look at this closer with you all!

  1. Be Enlightened on Our Prayers (1 John 5:14)

As we pray on a specific topic for 5 days, it is my prayer God give us answers, peace, and comfort on whatever we are focusing on. Stick with us the entire week, keep pursuing Him, keep praying, and we will find His presence in the midst of our praying.

Why Is It Called a Challenge?

Fasting leads to many spiritual benefits (like the 4 goals listed above). These benefits are NOT what Satan wants us to accomplish. The enemy will do all he can to keep us from the Bread of Life. Even Jesus was tempted with bread by Satan (Matthew 4:1-4).  Be prepared to be tempted to eat every loaf of bread you pass in the grocery store. Satan will try to park your thoughts on rolls! That’s why this will be a challenge. Thank goodness we can fill up on the Bread of Life when things get difficult!  

Are You Ready!?

You can do this! I highly recommend you read John chapter 6 (Or the whole book!) on your own, before this challenge begins. This way, you can better see the context of the verses we will be meditating on throughout the week.  Join us as we strive to be godly women by fasting from bread and instead filling up on the Bread of Life!

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Search Keri_Mosier on Instagram to join the event there!

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