Marriage Reflections

My husband and I have been married for six years this summer. 

I couldn’t help but reflect on our marriage journey as those six years seemed to have flown by. Marriage is hard work, and we’ve had our share of difficult moments, but my goodness am I ever so grateful. 

God has used my husband and our marriage to make me a better person. I’m a bit wiser, and a better prayer warrior who is slower to anger and more ready to listen. I can even cook these days! 

Read about my discovery of being a nagging wife HERE.

Better yet, this marriage thing is still working on me, testing me, growing me, showing me what I need to improve on as a wife and follower of God. 

This is why God created marriage. It’s made to change us for the better and develop a further relationship with Him. It’s made to reflect God to the world. 

Need guidance on how to pray for your marriage? Click HERE.

I’ve seen a lot of newly married couples this summer. Your photos and smiles bring me joy, as I think about the new journeys you are embarking on. You were prayed for. 

If your marriage is struggling, I’m praying for you, too. Remember, your spouse is not the real enemy, Satan is. Cling to God, His promises, and fight for your marriage. God is for you, friend. 

I am no marriage expert, but I do serve an expert God who created marriage and designed it to be fulfilling and purposeful. He brought the exact man I needed into my life and has been leading us ever since. For that, I am so grateful.

Could I pray for your marriage today? Leave a comment below, and I would love to speak your name to the Creator of marriage. 

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