Tuesday Tasks

Tuesday Tasks

What if we began our day with intentionality?  Goals? What if we purposely sought out godly tasks to complete in the midst of daily living? What if these tasks were designed to honor God and shine His light to the world?

I created Tuesday Tasks to help us do just these things, and I can’t wait to begin striving to complete these tasks with you!

What: A list of three tasks to complete for the day. These tasks are inspired by a Bible verse, designed to reflect the love of Christ to others, and draw us closer to Him. It’s a win-win!

When: Beginning tomorrow (Tuesday), a post on my Facebook and Instagram accounts will list the day’s tasks. These will be posted every Tuesday on these two social media sites! It is our goal to complete these tasks on that same Tuesday!

Where: These are tasks you can complete throughout your Tuesday, no matter where you work. Be creative and pray for God to lead you where He needs light shown to others. I will be praying with you!

To ensure you don’t miss each Tuesday’s Tasks posts, follow me at Facebook.com/KeriMosier and on Instagram @Keri_Mosier!

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