A Book Review on When God Made You

Lyrical. Whimsical. Beautiful. Timeless. 

These are the words that come to mind about When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner with illustrations by David Catrow. 

The front cover of this children’s book immediately draws readers of all ages into its pages. Bright colors and a large title peak the interest of what is to be found inside. My daughter, three, was just as enthralled as I was when the book arrived in the mail. 

The illustrations depict a fearfully and wonderfully made child of God; a girl full of spunk, creativity, and love. Follow her journey through vivid colors, as the plot reveals her helpful heart. She uses her God-given talent of painting to help cheer another while encouraging and inspiring readers to do the same.

The underlying message? God made each of us unique, out of love, and with a purpose. After reading, you will find yourself asking, “How am I using my talents to help others?” 
Each page contains written words that easily flow with rhythm and rhyme, a positive aspect for reading aloud and keeping kids interested. Though my three year old does not understand all the vocabulary in the book, she will as she progresses through elementary. For now, she understands the theme clearly; God created her uniquely and purposefully. And that’s what matters most to this mom. This is a book that will grow with your child, showcasing a true characteristic of a timeless tale. 

If you have children or grandchildren, teach elementary aged students, or have a special child in your life, this book is a great addition to their reading repertoire! 

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. The review reflects my own thoughts and recommendation.

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