A Wall of Women in My Kitchen


I have this amazing wall in my kitchen.

The wall is not wide and is average in height.

The paint color is nothing spectacular.

And in front of the wall sits our simple kitchen nook.

But, despite the mediocrity of the wall I have described, I adore it.


Because the wall displays a gallery of enlarged recipes and pictures from the matriarchs of my family.

Showcased in dollar store baking pans are recipes and pictures of women I love. I look to them not just for cooking tips but wisdom, support, and encouragement. As I am on this journey of striving to be a godly woman, the women on this wall are a constant reminder of what such a journey looks like. They are striving as well, and I have seen the godliness of their efforts my entire life.

My Grandma’s meatloaf recipe hangs next to a picture of her and my daughter. Grandma is a woman of the Word constantly pouring herself into the Bible.

Near my Memaw’s banana pudding instructions is a photo of her and I enjoying a cooking class we took for fun. Memaw has a servant’s heart, always helping and serving in her church and community.

Near the top is my mother’s recipe for hashbrown casserole, and a snapshot of her and my daughter making cookies in chef’s hats. Mom models selflessness to all of us, consistently placing others before herself.

My godmother recently gifted me with the recipe for her amazing stuffing; it will be added to the wall this year. She is a woman generous in giving to others in various ways. She is a true reflection of God’s own provisional heart.

The entire wall took just a few dollars to create, but the women represented are priceless. They are exceptional, and the gratitude I carry for having them in my life is beyond anything I could properly express in writing.

I would like to pray for the godly women in my life and yours.

If you do not have women like this encouraging and guiding you, I want to pray for God to lead them to you.

Lastly, I want to pray that we become these inspirational and wonderful women, someday being remembered as ladies who continued the godly legacy we learned from those He placed in our lives.  

Join me in prayer?

     Lord, I thank you for women who show us what it looks like to reflect godliness to our families and all we interact with. These women show traits we want to consistently apply in our lives. Traits such as self-control, diligence, kindness, servanthood, and reverence (1 Titus 2:3-5). Please bless these women who model striving to be a godly woman. They know You are with them every step of the way, and I thank You for using them to reach out to other women. They reach out to women like myself who need encouragement, support, and reminders from Your Word when life gets busy and difficult.

     For women who are feeling they do not have godly females in their lives for leadership and help, I pray You send them such impactful women. Until then, I pray comfort be sought in the Bible for examples of godly women who can teach and guide us all (Judges 4-5, Ruth 1-4, 1 Samuel 1).

     Finally, Lord I ask we continue to be women who live for You. Love for You. And reach out to other women for You. May we be remembered for the example we set, an example that showed us striving to be godly women, with You by our side.


A DIY video of how to make a wall similar to this will be live on Facebook this week! Be sure to “Like” the Striving To Be a Godly Women FB page so you don’t miss it!

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