The Morning Challenge: A 7-Day Bible Study


If you struggle with getting up in the mornings and setting aside time to begin your day as the Lord wants you to, consider completing this 7-day Bible study challenge!

Each day will include a key verse, time for reflection, and a challenge. A double-challenge will also be included for those of you wanting to really take on this 7-day journey! At the end of the study, I hope you see the mornings for the blessings they are and use your mornings in the way God designed them.

This study began as a Facebook challenge that proved to be successful and a blessing to me and others. With a little tweaking, and more prayer, I turned the online event into an eBook for others to enjoy! You can buy it for only .99 cents! Click on the book cover below to take you to Amazon. Enjoy, and please feel free to leave a review on Amazon once you have completed the 7-day challenge!


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