Part 1: Writing Your New Year’s Resolution with God


Ah, New Year’s resolutions. Have you completed these in the past? How successful were they? Are resolutions something you never or always do?

The more I reflect on New Year’s resolutions, what they stand for, and why so many feel a need to make one- the more interested I am. I have never completed a resolution. I am unsure why, but it seemed to me most resolutions were never successfully carried out by those who did make them. They were too difficult to people to achieve on their own.

I was also always unsure of what to put on my own resolution. This uncertainty of what I hoped to accomplish occurred because I was trying to see and create my future through my own eyes instead of the Lord’s will. Now, that has changed.

This year, I am stepping out in obedience to God and making a resolution. But this will not be any ordinary resolution. This resolution will contain God as the focus, making the list of goals and dreams I want to achieve possible (Matthew 19:26).  In fact, the idea of writing a resolution with God as my co-author makes me excited to begin 2017.

I would like to encourage you to go ahead and make your resolution. This is a list of what you want to get done in the new year.

Perhaps you want to better yourself in someway such as your health, spiritual growth, or finances.

Or maybe you want to better a relationship with another in your marriage, a friendship, or a family member.

Making progress in your career, calling, or passion might make the list.

I want to challenge you to make the resolution, no matter how long or short it might be. Put some thought into what you really want for 2017.

Before you begin, I ask that you pray for God’s direction and guidance into what you write down. I am praying for you as well, and I welcome prayers for myself as we all create and build a personal resolution for 2017 together!

Creating this list with God is only the first part of making your New Year’s resolution! The second part I will discuss on the next blog post.

A prayer as you begin making your resolution:

Lord, we thank You for the prospect of another year. A year of new beginnings, new plans You have for us, and more time to draw into a closer relationship with You (James 4:8). We ask that You guide our hearts, minds, and pens as we create a resolution for 2017. We have wants and plans, but remind us You guide our steps (Proverbs 16:9). May whatever You plant on our hearts to write down, be a reflection of You in our lives and our desire to live as You want us to. Nothing we place on these resolutions is too big or insignificant in Your eyes. You are a gracious and faithful God who loves us (Psalm 86:15) and longs to be involved in our lives. We invite You to walk with us in 2017, Lord! Amen

Note: You can now join the online Facebook event I am leading that begins January 1st. Learn more about it HERE. This event will last for 7 days and will challenge us to participate in something “new” each day. The goal is to lead our focus to God as we begin 2017. Day 1 of this event will ask you to reference your New Year’s resolution!


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