3 Bible Verses & Activities for Your Family at Christmas


It can be easy for parents and children to get caught up in the excitement of Christmas! The shiny decorations, glittery packages, and fast pace of it all can quickly take our attention away from the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I want the humble manger, bright star, and host of angels to seem just as wondrous to my child as the decorations, presents, and Christmas gatherings flooding her life right now. I have decided to take verses from the Christmas Story found in the gospels, and turn them into fun, meaningful learning experiences with my daughter.  I am sharing these with you in hope you might find them useful this Christmas season with your own small children.

The verses are short and easy for you and your child to memorize together. Corresponding activities with the verses are made to help your family create new memories and stamp God’s truths on your own hearts.

Activities include a printable ornament to decorate, stargazing, and hide-n-seek with Jesus and His parents!  

I have also included an enrichment verse for your older kids (tween/teen) with information more interesting and age appropriate for them.

Everything is in a printable format and made easy to cut out, discuss, and complete with your children.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MATERIAL FOR: 3 Bible Verses & Activities for Your Family at Chrstimas

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