The Magnolia Story: Why You Should Read It

Because of my love for reading and literature, I occasionally put aside the Sunday devotional blog post and instead share a recent read with you all. I’m so excited to share and discuss this one!

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines was a wonderful and fun read for me in the midst of the recent presidential election. With political posts and banter filling up social media, the news, and break-room discussions, it was so refreshing to step into the world this godly couple’s autobiography revealed.

The book is a short read (only 184 pages), but don’t mistake it’s thin binding for lack of depth. The insight and wisdom this couple has gained on their journey of servant-hood, obedience, struggles, and blessings is something we all need to hear! Whether you are a fan of their hit show Fixer Upper or not, the book will leave you laughing at Chip and smiling at JoJo. Their authenticity through dating struggles, finances, marriage, and parenting are what I appreciated most, along with their open need and thankfulness for God. The couple has managed to stay focused on their faith in the midst of quickly rising fame.

Here is an example from the book, of JoJo describing her developing relationship with God, “…my faith became something very personal. It was no longer about what my parents knew or what my pastor knew. I came to think of God as more of a gracious friend who was accompanying me on this journey, a friend who wanted to carry my burdens and speak into my life and shape me into who I really was and who I would become”(44). I just love that line, along with similar ones woven throughout the narrative.

Whether you love shiplap and original wood flooring or can’t even swing a hammer, give this book a try. It’s about so much more than fixing up houses. The feeling of strength, trust, and peace this couple shares is a message for all.

*I was not paid to give a review of this book. I simply read it and wanted to share the joy it brought me with all of you.

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