I Want My Children to Feel God’s Peace! The Parenting Like God Series


I hope you enjoy this post from Angie Kutzer as much as I did! Angie and I met through COMPEL, a Christian writer’s training and community site. I am so glad to have her on the blog for this series, Parenting Like God. You can learn more about Angie at frommylifetoyourheart.com.  

All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace. Isaiah 54:13 (NIV)

Being a person that has struggled with anxiety most of my life, one of my deepest wishes and prayers for my children is for them to know and feel the peace that comes only through faith in God.  

Life has taught me there is a deep, personal peace that can only be felt by trusting in and truly knowing God. {Tweet This}  

As I reviewed Isaiah 53 and 54 for this post, I was prompted to personally review and reconsider so many wonderful life skills we try to instill in our kids, for their future journey as adults. This is not unlike what God does for all of His Children, through the many lessons of the Bible.

First, Isaiah 53:7 reminds us of the importance of knowing when to speak and when to keep your mouth shut.  I know that sounds like a blunt description, but I have learned with parenting, sometimes blunt is the best way to teach! When I am “to the point” and blunt with my children, they seem to more readily accept my reasoning as to why something is or is not appropriate behavior. Knowing the importance of silence at certain times in life, is a very valuable life lesson indeed.  

God teaches us to be still and listen for His voice, so He may guide us through life. I have seen firsthand when one is not silent enough to hear God’s voice, our great God will sometimes “force” us to slow down and listen!  I have been knocked off my feet by illness or panic, more than once, only to be forced to slow down enough to hear God speaking to me. Those times of diligent listening have proved to be extremely valuable, for my future and in implementing God’s Plan for my life!

One of the most wonderful moments in parenting for me, was when my 11 year old came to me to confess a wrongdoing. He was embarrassed by his actions, and full of regret, but the approach he took was to ask me for help in fixing the situation. He reiterated his full belief, that no matter what he has done or does, I will love him with all of my being, and we can get through anything together! I have been telling my kids this since they were toddlers, probably before they could even comprehend it. It is just so important to me they know, without a doubt, they can come to me with any question, any problem, anything at all, and my love for them will NOT be shaken!  

We all are blessed with that type of relationship with God. His unfailing love for us will NOT be shaken! (Isaiah 54:10) {Tweet This} I have seen, time and time again, as I mess up in life, God stands right beside me as I trudge through the messiness, and fix my mistakes. Somehow, the Lord always seems to turn my mistakes into blessings!  It may take a while, but eventually, I always see the proof a mistake in life happened for a reason, a means to an end so-to-speak. God always, ALWAYS comes through for me, and shows me the blessing at the end of the trial!

I wish nothing more, than for my children to confidently rely on both God and myself, all throughout their lives! As long as they know, for certain, that the unfailing love of God and myself will NEVER stop, they will be able to endure any and all trials of this life! They will succeed and thrive with God at their side!

The important life skills the Prophet Isaiah shares in the Old Testament are God given bits of wisdom for all of His Children, to help and guide them along the ever changing road of life! As God has done for me and my children, through the Bible; I wish to do for my children as well. I will parent like God in a sense of sharing my stories and life experiences with my children, in hope that they may gain wisdom from my journey and gain confidence and peace from God, through a strong faith in Him!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please continue to teach my children about You. Bring them closer to You each day, so that they may live with peace; a peace that can only be found through You! Please help me Lord, to continue to radiate Your unfailing love to my children. Help me to support them in all they do and to teach them more each and every day, about Your love! Amen.

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3 thoughts on “I Want My Children to Feel God’s Peace! The Parenting Like God Series

  1. RebeccaLynn says:

    Great post! I am also constantly striving – not just to “raise kids” – but to raise a man and a woman who will love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength! THAT will be my greatest accomplishment in life. I know that God opens hearts and minds – but my responsibility is to lead them and to be obedient to Him with these precious children He has entrusted to me and my husband. I loved the part you wrote about your son coming to you to confess a wrong. That just happened with my son, too! At first I reacted out of emotion, instead of responding with guidance. Thankfully the Lord corrected my own heart quickly, and I was able to talk with my son and to tell him what an honorable thing it was that he came to me and confessed his wrong. I explained that rules aren’t always fun or easy to follow – but that we need to respect authority – and he needs to respect our rules as his parents, just like we respect God’s rules over us. We had such a powerful talk and I could really see how much my little boy appreciated being treated like a growing man. Our children need to know that they are valued and respected – and that they can come to us with their worries and wrongdoings — just the way God wants us to feel about ourselves as His children.

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