Sunsets & Scripture

Sunsets & Scripture
I stepped out my door to streaks of living color crossing the sky. The night’s palette had included pale and vibrant shades of yellow, smiling behind large billowing clouds. Touches of blue had befriended the edges of the yellow casts, creating a blend of new colors that I am certain I had not yet seen before in any sunset.
Every evening, outside my door, is a sunset.
The same sunset, yet different.
The sun goes down every night, but the results uniquely vary from dusk to dusk.
Some nights, the sky only reveals a single color of blue, unmarked by passing clouds.
Other nights, no sky can be seen through the shades of white, purple, and red clouds.
Scripture is like a sunset out my front door.
The verses are the same words. Words that never change. Words that have stood the test of time for centuries. Words that are aged and timeless, like the sunset.
I see these same words, but they reveal something new at each read.
Do you know what I mean?
A moment, when a verse in scripture you have memorized since childhood, suddenly leaps off the page and enlightens your heart and soul. God speaks to you in a new and refreshing way. The shock of it nearly takes your breath away. It brings tears to your eyes or a smile to your face. You can’t even look away it’s so beautiful. As if it were created just for you.
The same words, yet different.
That’s how I felt looking at that sunset.
Sunsets and scripture.
The same, yet different.
I am so grateful for both!

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