An Open Letter To My Earthly Father


As you know, this Father’s Day will be filled with well wishes to fathers everywhere.

Social media will be flooded with heartwarming photos of dads being dads.

Many will open gifts of yet another cool coffee mug or new tie. You will be getting the former as you received the latter last year!

Some will be missing their father on this day. They might be missing a father they never knew, or a father that has passed on. You know what it is like to have only memories as the gift to cherish of a father no longer on earth. I pray you and those that experience loss on this day in June, find peace in the Father.

My brother and I are grateful to spend another Father’s Day with you, a man still here to guide and love us, as only dads do best.

There are times, I must admit, that as my childhood unfolded, I thought you walked on water. You parted the seas to allow me safety and a future, you gave me commandments to obey, and your love was everlasting. You were a god through my young and shining eyes.

When I jumped, you caught me.

When I broke my arm, you cried in my pain.

When I messed up, your discipline corrected me, and your forgiveness surrounded me.

When I found love, you prayed for he and I, and let me go.

Though I labeled you with these invincible traits, it was your selflessness that told me more. You discussed your flaws, revealed your weaknesses, became humble in His presence, prayed, read His word, and taught me that there was only one perfect Father, and it was not you.

I am forever grateful, saved, and guaranteed a home in eternity because of your fathering.

Your role of a father was successful, yet you do not let it end. Your parenting continues as you hold hands with my mother, hug my husband, and spoil my child. You are a father that still catches, cries, corrects, forgives, and prays for me. I could ask for no better fathers, as I look at you and give thanks to Him.

Dad, I hope you have no greater joy, than to know that your children walk in the truth (3 John 1:4).

Happy Father’s Day,



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