A Sinner, of Whom I Am the Worst

Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners–of whom I am the worst. 1 Timothy 1: 15

The author, Paul, discusses his sins before he was a believer. He describes himself as a blasphemer, a persecutor, and a violent man who acted in ignorance and unbelief (1 Timothy 1:13). He was a sinner, before walking in the light, and still struggled with sin after following Jesus. He describes his sinful nature in Romans 7. 

Can you relate to Paul? I can. That is why the cross is so brutally beautiful and the resurrection so glorious. That is why I cry when I read this verse. 

Jesus died for me, a sinner of whom I am the worst. 

I am so thankful for that sacrificial love. 

He saved Me. 

He saved You. 

He saved the world.

And He overcame the grave. 


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