No Wonder They Call Him the Savior

This book was first published in 1986, but don’t let 30 years keep you from picking it up and giving it a reader’s try. It is written by Max Lucado, and it moves the heart as he looks at the life of Christ, particularly, His last moments.

The cross.

It rests on the timeline of history like a compelling diamond. Its tragedy summons all suffers. Its absurdity attracts all cynics. Its hope lures all searches. My, what a piece of wood! History has idolized it and despised it, gold-plated it and burned it, worn and trashed it. History has done everything to it but ignore it. That’s the one option that the cross does not offer. No one can ignore it! You can’t ignore a piece of lumber that suspends the greatest claim in history. A crucified carpenter claiming that he is God on earth? Divine? Eternal? The death-slayer?

That’s why the cross is what matters.

And finally, we’d look at the Messiah himself. A blue-collar Jew whose claim altered a world and whose promise has never been equaled.

No wonder they call him the Savior.

-Max Lucado, No Wonder They Call Him the Savior


Read the book? I would love to read your thoughts on it in the comments section below! ML

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