Striving 2 Be a Godly Woman

Within the last few years, my Christian faith has matured from that of my early adulthood, and I am so very thankful for that.  Upon marrying my wonderful husband I decided to read the book, Power of a Praying Wife and boy was I doing the whole godly wife thing all wrong. Stormie Omartian opened my eyes to how a mature wife in Christ prays, behaves, and serves the Lord in her marriage. The book was such a blessing to my life that I felt the need to start a small women’s Bible study based on the devotional’s materials. I was hesitant to create the class, let alone host it and teach it. Again, God showed me His blessings when I was obedient and started the study.

Soon after the study ended, I began a Facebook group centered on the same principles. But, the group began to no longer meet all my needs of a woman striving to be Christlike. I soon realized I did not just need to be a wife that was God-centered, but a mom, a daughter, a teacher, and a friend. The roles that we as women uphold within our lives are endless. I soon came to the realization that if I wanted each of those roles to be blessed, enriching, and full of love- I needed to be striving to be Christlike every day, in each aspect of my life. Thus, I am now striving to be a godly woman, and I hope you will join me. I began this blog in hopes that it will better allow me to express God’s word and teachings in my life (and yours) and open up communication between women who are all striving to be more like Christ.

The journey of striving to be a godly woman is not an easy one. It will be filled will joys, love, blessings, and happiness—but the trials of a fallen world will have to be endured as well. I have peace though, that this journey with the Lord and other women will lead to an eternal reward that we can only begin to imagine. Before we reach that eternal reward—let’s strive to be godly women, together.

-Keri Lynn
Keri Mosier

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